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Christmas with Grace Thomas

As many (if not all) of you know, Grace Thomas was the spunky, brave, baking- champ American Girl Of The Year for 2015. Many -a- blog has been dedicated to Grace’s French themed clothing, accessories, and food, as well as the doll, herself. However, our family had not yet added the freckle- faced cutie to our collection… until now! Continue reading Christmas with Grace Thomas

Making A Brick Fireplace For An American Girl Christmas

Our weather is growing cooler by the day, and I know autumn will succumb to winter before we know it. While the seasons are mild here, my daughter loves to pretend her dolls experience a much more intense winter! Therefore, at my daughter’s request, I spent the last few days (on and off) constructing a cozy, rustic fireplace for her dolls to enjoy.

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Continue reading Making A Brick Fireplace For An American Girl Christmas

American Girl Food Photos

20151030_150844 (2)

I have been super busy filling Etsy orders lately, which leaves little time to shoot videos of our other American Girl crafts. So, I thought I would snap some pictures to share with you what we’ve been doing. Continue reading American Girl Food Photos

American Girl Halloween: Jack-O-Lanterns

What kid dislikes holiday decorations? Not mine, that’s for sure.

Whether it is hearts on Valentine’s day, or trees and stockings on Christmas, kids think more is more!

On Halloween, families carve pumpkins into unique décor, perfect for the season. I thought it would be fun for my daughter’s dolls to participate in this holiday tradition. Continue reading American Girl Halloween: Jack-O-Lanterns

Making Candy Corn For Your Dolls

According to my daughter, the best thing about October is Halloween, and the best thing about Halloween is CANDY! (I can’t disagree.)

So, it seems fitting to share with you how I make American Girl- sized candy corn.

This craft is quick and easy, with almost no artistic skills needed.

Perfect, right? Continue reading Making Candy Corn For Your Dolls

Sew Halloween Socks For Your Dolls

It has been a busy several days in our house. Homeschool is back in swing, and added to the demands of a very energetic 15 month old boy, I have been less able to entertain the craft requests of my daughter.

But, fear not. My little doll enthusiast reminds me often of what she wants. Continue reading Sew Halloween Socks For Your Dolls

Make Felt Witch Hats for an American Girl Halloween

Continuing with our Halloween theme, I want to share a very simple doll Halloween costume idea with you: Felt Witch Hats!

My daughter was thrilled with this idea, and helped me pick the colors and embellishments for the two hats I made for her dolls.  The end results are very cute and fit the dolls perfectly. Continue reading Make Felt Witch Hats for an American Girl Halloween

Halloween Trick- or -Treat Bags For American Girl Dolls

It is officially autumn, and even though we don’t experience much change in southern California, the kids and I are excited about this season! We all love the seasonal foods,(pumpkin pie, anyone?) and the (hopefully) cooler weather, but my daughter’s favorite thing about fall is Halloween!

I just knew she would be thrilled to be able to celebrate such a fun holiday with her dolls, so I created these Trick-or-Treat bags to add to the fun! Continue reading Halloween Trick- or -Treat Bags For American Girl Dolls