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American Girl Halloween: Jack-O-Lanterns

What kid dislikes holiday decorations? Not mine, that’s for sure.

Whether it is hearts on Valentine’s day, or trees and stockings on Christmas, kids think more is more!

On Halloween, families carve pumpkins into unique décor, perfect for the season. I thought it would be fun for my daughter’s dolls to participate in this holiday tradition. Continue reading American Girl Halloween: Jack-O-Lanterns

Making Candy Corn For Your Dolls

According to my daughter, the best thing about October is Halloween, and the best thing about Halloween is CANDY! (I can’t disagree.)

So, it seems fitting to share with you how I make American Girl- sized candy corn.

This craft is quick and easy, with almost no artistic skills needed.

Perfect, right? Continue reading Making Candy Corn For Your Dolls

Sew Halloween Socks For Your Dolls

It has been a busy several days in our house. Homeschool is back in swing, and added to the demands of a very energetic 15 month old boy, I have been less able to entertain the craft requests of my daughter.

But, fear not. My little doll enthusiast reminds me often of what she wants. Continue reading Sew Halloween Socks For Your Dolls

Make Felt Witch Hats for an American Girl Halloween

Continuing with our Halloween theme, I want to share a very simple doll Halloween costume idea with you: Felt Witch Hats!

My daughter was thrilled with this idea, and helped me pick the colors and embellishments for the two hats I made for her dolls.  The end results are very cute and fit the dolls perfectly. Continue reading Make Felt Witch Hats for an American Girl Halloween

Making American Girl Doll Utensils

About this time one year ago, I was a desperate mother frantically scouring eBay to find American Doll sized utensils to use in a Christmas gift for my daughter. I knew I need spoons and forks to coordinate with some of the homemade doll food I was crafting, and I was disappointed to find such a limited and expensive selection available for retail.

Well,  for all those other mothers (or doll moms) in a similar predicament, I HAVE A SOLUTION!

Continue reading Making American Girl Doll Utensils