American Girl Craft: Make Pet Food And Water Bowls

AG pet food and water templatePet ownership is a fun part of childhood for kids and dolls, alike.  Pets can be our companions, family members, and best friends and it is important that we treat them well.

My daughter’s dolls have a brown lab, named Camper. To help her dolls take care of their dog, I wanted to make a feeding station.

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The lids come in a variety of colors!
The lids come in a variety of colors!



I realized these Tropicana Juice lids were just what I needed as the ‘bowl’ part of this craft, so I rescued a few from our recycling bin and got to work constructing the food and water printable template that fits inside.


After some trial and error, the template is ready for you to print, sized perfectly for the ‘bowls.’  It features four (4) options for your pets: dog food, water, cat food, and milk.

So, choose what you like, or use all four!  Your dolls and their pets will happy you did!

To make this craft, you will need:


Watch the video below to see how to make this craft for your doll’s pets!

You can print the template by following the link below:

AG pet food and water template



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