American Girl Halloween: Jack-O-Lanterns

What kid dislikes holiday decorations? Not mine, that’s for sure.

Whether it is hearts on Valentine’s day, or trees and stockings on Christmas, kids think more is more!

On Halloween, families carve pumpkins into unique décor, perfect for the season. I thought it would be fun for my daughter’s dolls to participate in this holiday tradition.

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To make your own mini jack–lantern you will need:

  • One (1) foam pumpkin (I found them everywhere)
  • One (1) flickering LED tea light candle
  • an Exact-O knife
  • a Writing utensil
  • a Spoon/ scooping tool


Whether your jack-o-lantern is spooky or sweet,  I am sure your dolls will have a happy Halloween!

Watch the video to see how they’re made!


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