Christmas with Grace Thomas

As many (if not all) of you know, Grace Thomas was the spunky, brave, baking- champ American Girl Of The Year for 2015. Many -a- blog has been dedicated to Grace’s French themed clothing, accessories, and food, as well as the doll, herself. However, our family had not yet added the freckle- faced cutie to our collection… until now!

Grace Thomas was a Christmas gift for my daughter, who longed for her all year long.  I knew the wait would be difficult for her, but thought it important. (Delayed gratification can nourish patience and contentment in a young heart.) With Grace, my daughter also received her baking set, and baking outfit.  I knew I could create my own version of her pastries and other food items, as well as sew some of her outfits at a much better price point, so I didn’t bother purchasing any of her other sets.

As expected, Grace Thomas was readily received and has already been incorporated into my daughter’s doll family. Below are some pictures of Grace, our doll Christmas, and some items I handcrafted to help bring Grace’s world to life.

20160103_150748 [31466] - Copy
Grace holding a Pink Macaroon
20160103_151539 [29426]
Wheel and Wedges of Brie Cheese
20160103_150946 [31157] - Copy
Chocolate Raspberry Tart
20160103_151404 [29487] - Copy
Polymer Clay American Girl food
20160103_151340 [29488] - Copy
Tarts for Grace’s Bakery
20160103_151328 [29460]
Chocolate Mousse and Berries


20160103_152521_resized_3 [79179]

American Girl Stockings
American Girl Stockings

20160103_153118_resized_1 [62621] 20160103_153154_resized_1 [62367] Christmas Morning Stockings


We really enjoyed our Christmas, and will continue to enjoy our new addition, Grace Thomas!


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