DIY iPhone for your American Girl Doll


My daughter and I have been having a blast setting up this blog. We have been brainstorming all our favorite American Girl crafts, trying to decide what will be our first post.

Unfortunately, some of that excitement fizzled when I realized how little I know about video editing.


However, I finally pieced together enough footage to demonstrate a really cute iPhone craft for your doll and I am excited to share it with you!

I enjoyed creating  these personalized phones for my daughter’s dolls because I have seen so many doll phone tutorials that use craft foam as the phone base, and I wanted a more realistic feel. Shrinky Dinks were the solution!

To be honest, I used this “magical” plastic product many times as a child with my mother, but I simply forgot about them until I recently used them for another craft. I was always fascinated by their reaction to heat and loved the final results. I knew they would be perfect for creating a detailed, hard plastic, and realistic doll phone.

There are two separate printable templates you can use for this craft depending on how many phones you want to make, one phone:  AG iphone template (1),

or three phones : AG iphone template (3).

I hope you enjoy this project, and promise the video quality will only improve.


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