About Life in One Third Scale

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DIY Doll Shirt

My love of all things miniature began in girlhood, when I spent countless hours in imaginary play with an extensive collection of small dolls. It wasn’t long before I realized the best part of my dolls wasn’t the soft hair or perfectly painted faces, it was their accessories!

Given the chance, I would scour the store aisle, hoping to find a set of tiny dishes or toys that I could use to enhance my play experience. But, I could never be happy with only the accessories mass manufacturers assumed all girls wanted. So, I began making my own.

At first, my creations were crude. I used popsicle sticks and air-dry clay for much of my work, but I was inspired by this new passion. As my materials and talent improved, so did my results, and now I can proudly point to a toy my child loves and say “Yes, I made that“.

Today, as a busy mom of an American Girl Doll fan, I find joy and satisfaction in designing fun food, furniture, and accessories tailored to my daughter’s interests. I hope to inspire her, and perhaps  a younger generation of free- thinking doll lovers to take their creative play into their own hands.